Belgravia street shoot


The coffee bar conversation

Last month I enjoyed putting my new street pal, the Fuji X-E1, through its paces during a lunchtime stroll around Belgravia.



Street photography is a very different genre from my usual fare, but I am enjoying dabbling in it.

Belgravia arcade

In the Arcade

I love it that with the X-E1 I can snap away without people noticing. I am even beginning to shoot from the hip, and sometimes I get a passable shot that way.

lunch break outside a store, Belgravia

Lunch with the boys

I love the contrasts you get in London, like working lads taking a lunch break under a designer advert with a distinctly effete-looking model.

Women and phone, Belgravia

Put That Phone Away!

Perhaps it helps with the stealth shooting that everyone is too busy looking at his/her phone to notice me!

Two girls texting as they walk in Belgravia

Wexting or Telking?

Rosemary beetle

insectA shot from last year of a rosemary beetle.  These relatively recent arrivals in the UK may be pretty but they wreak havoc in the garden, especially the herb border.  One shouldn’t anthropomorphise but I can’t help interpreting this one’s expression as more belligerent than guilty.  Perhaps it is thinking of Princess Anne’s famous riposte:

You are a pest, by the very nature of that camera in your hand. 


People of Venice


The plague doctor

I am sure I have told you before that I am most definitely not a street photographer. But it is a genre that I admire. It is good to challenge oneself every now and then so, during our recent trip to Venice, I turned my new lightweight toy, the Fuji X-E1, on the people.


The market seller

Venice is such a super city for people watching.


The coffee breaker

I do like black and white for this kind of photography.


The dog and art lover


The not impressed


The lunchtime debaters


The reader


The friendly listener


The story teller


The taxi hailer (and antique camera-owner)


The lawkeepers


The heavy lifters

Murano, Italy

The master craftsman