18 thoughts on “Burano medley

    • Hi. My advice would be get there early and stray off the more touristy paths. Most people do Murano first and then Burano. I would suggest the other way around – stay on the vaporetto when it stops at Murano and beat the crowds at both places.

      • I just thought of another thing. If you get off at Mazzorbo rather than Burano proper you can walk to Burano – just 10 minutes – avoiding the crowds altogether. It is the stop before Burano on the vaporetto.

  1. We fell in love with Burano the instant our foot touched its soil! We were privileged to have our flat owner introduce us to a native famous painter Carlo Memo which was a memorable encounter . Half a day well spent in a most exquisite place. The colors of the house facades are indeed a pleasure to the eyes 🙂

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