The copyright bit

All of my pictures are © Copyrighted.
Please contact me ( if you wish to use any of my photos.

16 thoughts on “The copyright bit

  1. I am an artist and am very inspired by your photos, do you have a percentage commission that you charge for artists to use your photos as reference material? Please see my website fir examples of my work (mostly animals in pencil but I am branching out into oil paintings of land and seascapes!)
    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Rachel,
    I like you have fallen for the La Corbiere lighhouse. I would love to use one of you photos to print onto glass and use as a splashback in my kitchen. Please could I ask if you allow me to use the La Corbiere picture 6, which is captured as the sun crowns the lighthouse?

    Thank you very much.


    • Dear Lorraine
      I have tried to reply by email but it was returned by Swindon as undeliverable. Please can you give me another email address. Best, Rachael.

  3. I’d like to use your photo in the Books! Books! Books! post of the books all lined up. I’m a book blogger and would like to use it for the background of a post. Would this be possible? Thanks for considering.
    Susie Boutry

    • Dear Susie. I don’t normally allow my pictures to be used without asking a fee. I appreciate your decency in requesting the use of this image and, as you’ve caught me in a good mood, I’m happy to let you use it for one post, provided you credit me, and link both to my blog and to my website
      Best wishes, Rachael

  4. Hi Rachael!
    Your work is astonishing! I love your eye for mood and composition.
    With your permission, I would love to do a study of one of your pictures of la Corbière to practice my landscape painting as part of my daily drawing challenge. I don’t save psd files of these sketches and I definitely don’t intend to sell prints or otherwise make a profit, all I’m after is art improvement. The sketch would be posted on my instagram, tumblr, twitter and facebook and I’d credit you and refer to your website. This is a collection of landscape studies I did last year:

    Let me know if that’s alright with you! If not, that’s fine too of course. 🙂
    – Eveline

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