Venetian textures

Venice is such a visual feast. Once you have done with the watery vistas, the colourful reflections, and the people, there is still delight to be had in the smaller details.
Sometimes the more crumbling parts are almost more rewarding than the well maintained. For a while you might be tempted to try to get all the verticals and horizontals in your photos just right until you realise that they were never straight anyway.
I wonder why photographers love the dilapidated so much?

“Il y a, à Venise, trois lieux magiques et secrets : l’un dans la “rue de l’amour des amis”, le deuxième près du “pont des merveilles” et le troisième dans le “sentier des marranes”, près de San Geremia, dans le vieux ghetto. Quand les Vénitiens – parfois ce sont les Maltais – sont fatigués des autorités, ils vont dans ces lieux secrets et, ouvrant les portes au fond de ces cours, ils s’en vont pour toujours vers des pays merveilleux et vers d’autres histoires…”
Hugo Pratt, Corto Maltese: Fable De Venise

7 thoughts on “Venetian textures

  1. I really like that first shot.

    As for the dilapidated question . . . for many of us, it’s something out of the ordinary. I will also add that it matters what kind of dilapidated. some is interesting, some is sad, some is a statement to our way of life, but some is just neglect, dirt, etc. As hard as it is to define, it must have character, and reflect the human condition.

    FYI . . . Venice is misspelled (you can delete this line after you fix it . . . or not).

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