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Starting to catch up with my backlog of 365 redux images before a different sort of post tomorrow. 365/60 is from 2010, 61and 62 are from 2009 and 63 is from 2014.  365/64 is also from last year.  According to the traditional song, seven magpies is ‘for a secret never to be told’, but what about 24?  Finally, 365/65 is also from 2014, an image hitherto unprocessed from my day out shooting street images with Damian Demolder and Amateur Photographer magazine.  If you want to know more about my 365 redux project, see here.

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London street workshop

London street photography

Last weekend, Amateur Photographer magazine invited people to apply for places on a street photography workshop in London.  I sent in some images and was delighted on Monday to hear that I had been given a place.

London street photography

The workshop, which took place on Thursday, was being led by Damien Demolder, former editor of AP magazine and an experienced street shooter who regularly runs photography workshops in London.

London street photography

The day began at the Tate Modern.  There I met Damien, Phil from AP magazine and my fellow enthusiasts, Tim, Steve, Gagan, and Nic.  Over coffee, we chatted about our experience in the genre so far and what we hoped to get out of the day.  I mentioned that I would like to get closer to my subjects, not necessarily physically, but to create more of a connection between the viewer of the image and the subject.  I thought I was waffling but Damien seemed to understand what I was on about.

London street photography

As the day had brought us bright light with strong contrasts, Damien set us the task of using shadows in our compositions.  He showed us how to use the transitional space between dark and light, capturing moments when the subject was lit but with darkness behind.

London street photography

Several of us commented that we tended to walk about seeking images so Damien had us find a location with good light and then stay in one spot and wait for the shot. I really enjoyed this approach and will definitely be using it from now on!

London street photography

Damien’s ‘can do’ attitude was so infectious that it wasn’t long before I had plucked up the courage to ask someone if I might take their photo.

London street photography

Once that taboo was broken there was no stopping us! I had a super day thanks to AP magazine and Damien. This photo workshop thing is addictive so it’s a good thing I am booked on another workshop with Damien in April, this time as a birthday present from my husband.

London street photography

London street photography

London street photography

London street photography

Friday afternoon in the city

London street

Muffling up for the journey home

Yesterday, I popped up to London to capture a few moments in the end-of-week commute.

London street

No room on the bus

I enjoy street photography, although I am still very much a newbie at it.

London Street

Messages for the messenger

Street seems to suit a grittier style than my more usual genres. I still find myself tempted to tweak and beautify. I find it difficult to shake off the need to have detail in the highlights and the darks, which means my street shots often lack the striking contrasts seen in the work of established street photographers, like Christophe Agou.

London street

The evening headline

Some of my favourite street images by other photographers work as sets or photo essays rather than as stand alone images. There is definitely a different art to the photo essay, and it’s one I’d like to learn. The images I made yesterday hardly count against the work of the great, but it’s a start.

London street

Welcome to the weekend

For a superb collection of street images, see the work of Christophe Agou. I particularly like his Life Below series.

London street

The lost weekend

Belgravia street shoot


The coffee bar conversation

Last month I enjoyed putting my new street pal, the Fuji X-E1, through its paces during a lunchtime stroll around Belgravia.



Street photography is a very different genre from my usual fare, but I am enjoying dabbling in it.

Belgravia arcade

In the Arcade

I love it that with the X-E1 I can snap away without people noticing. I am even beginning to shoot from the hip, and sometimes I get a passable shot that way.

lunch break outside a store, Belgravia

Lunch with the boys

I love the contrasts you get in London, like working lads taking a lunch break under a designer advert with a distinctly effete-looking model.

Women and phone, Belgravia

Put That Phone Away!

Perhaps it helps with the stealth shooting that everyone is too busy looking at his/her phone to notice me!

Two girls texting as they walk in Belgravia

Wexting or Telking?