365 Backlog

derelict hut


Starting to catch up with my backlog of 365 redux images before a different sort of post tomorrow. 365/60 is from 2010, 61and 62 are from 2009 and 63 is from 2014.  365/64 is also from last year.  According to the traditional song, seven magpies is ‘for a secret never to be told’, but what about 24?  Finally, 365/65 is also from 2014, an image hitherto unprocessed from my day out shooting street images with Damian Demolder and Amateur Photographer magazine.  If you want to know more about my 365 redux project, see here.

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6 thoughts on “365 Backlog

  1. Like your photo of the old building near Wisley Airfield (60/365). One of my favourite old buildings in the locality

    • Thanks, Graham. It is even more derelict looking now. I wish I knew who owned it – I would contact them and ask for permission to go through the gate.

    • Thank you, Shannon. We have too many! I wish I would send you some of ours. 😉 But, Nature has a way of sorting the balance out again. Eventually, their prey will not be available in large enough volume and their numbers will dwindle again.

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