This weekend is the last for the Albion exhibition in which six of my images are included. If you are up in town, why not pop by for lots of interesting photographs exploring Britain and “Britishness” and some lovely, affordable original paintings and sculpture (we bought a beautiful painting for our living room). I will be dropping by on Sunday with my daughter, the only family member yet to see it. Maybe we will see you there!

Albion is open from 11am to 6pm at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery under The Tramshed restaurant, Rivington Street, Shoreditch.

Hardy spider


Hello there!

This tiny spider has been hanging out in my olive tree for weeks now, happily oblivious to freezing temperatures and snow. It is a colourful and rather acrobatic addition to my garden.


And, for my next trick…

Moody jerked his wand, and the spider rose onto two of its hind legs and went into what was unmistakably a tap dance.
Everyone was laughing — everyone except Moody.
“Think it’s funny, do you?” he growled. “You’d like it, would you, if I did it to you?”
The laughter died away almost instantly.
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Exploring moss

Today we had sun!  I celebrated by photographing backlit moss with my Raynox DCR250 macro conversion lens attached to my 100mm macro lens to get really close.
Moss really is surprisingly beautiful and interesting when you get close to it.
macroLike a forest of tiny trees casting long shadows in the afternoon sun.
A single strand of gossamer was caught in the moss.
And I found the tiniest of baby snails on one of the stems.  The only way to see it was on the screen at native resolution.

I haven’t been blogging much recently.  I need to concentrate on my degree for the next few months and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to blog and keep up with everyone else’s blogs, and take images, process them, study, be a mum and wife, keep house, etc etc.  So I am going to blog once a week for a little while now and hopefully do better at reading the blogs I follow.

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish.’ Oliver Herford

My first exhibition private view

Thursday was the private viewing of Albion, The Shed Photography’s exhibition at the Cock n Bull Gallery in Shoreditch. It was super to see my images on the wall, especially my London City shot, blown up huge and attracting attention, handily placed as it was next to the champagne.

If you are in town any time between now and 4th March, do consider popping by. You can always treat yourself to some beautifully authentic English cuisine in The Tramshed afterwards. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee?
My other exhibited images:

Dunstanburgh Castle

Storm Approaching Birling Gap

Cobb Cottages

Who, or what, are you?

Medicine for the Soul
See here for a walk through of the complete exhibition.

The delicate art of dumping your camera on the ground

dewI haven’t been around much in the last week as I have had my first ever bout of flu!  Needless to say, I haven’t been taking photographs, so here are a couple of shots from last year, revealing how unkind I can be to my camera.  It doesn’t seem to mind being dumped onto wet grass, thanks perhaps to its weather seals.  I love the unpredictability of this sort of shooting.