The delicate art of dumping your camera on the ground

dewI haven’t been around much in the last week as I have had my first ever bout of flu!  Needless to say, I haven’t been taking photographs, so here are a couple of shots from last year, revealing how unkind I can be to my camera.  It doesn’t seem to mind being dumped onto wet grass, thanks perhaps to its weather seals.  I love the unpredictability of this sort of shooting.



8 thoughts on “The delicate art of dumping your camera on the ground

  1. I thought you were going to report a nasty and very expensive accident. Glad to see you’re still in possession of a functioning machine. I actually fell on mine yesterday, went over face first into the rock, but cushioned, mercifully, by some dead leaves. I was sure it was busted and perhaps a rib or tooth as well, as the camera came between them and the ground and it hurt. Amazed I got nothing more than a bitten lip, twisted arm, grazed shin and sore rib. And the camera survived. I’m a big believer in lens hoods for a reason!

    Sorry about the flu. We had spring-like weather here yesterday and it was great getting outside despite the tumble!

  2. Hope you’re feeling completely all better!

    After the photo workshop, I tripped on a curb and fell, sending the camera flying, hitting the cement sidewalk. I braced myself for a total loss, but the only damage seems to be a dent in the polarizing filter. My knee seemed to take a worse hit than the camera.

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