Small White


I would dearly love to photograph butterflies in flight but this is no easy task.  Their flight path is ridiculously erratic and their wings flap right over their heads making focus on the eyes almost impossible.


It’s teasing me

I tried to capture this one for a long time one day last summer.  I can almost imagine it’s looking at me thinking: shall I, shan’t I?


Seriously dodgy, but it’s a start

This is the best shot I got that day.  Yes, it’s not terribly good, but at least you can tell it’s a butterfly 😉  I will try again this year. Although I have planted for insects, my garden sees very few butterflies, but a wildflower park has recently been planted not too far away and it will hopefully be open to the public for the first time this spring.  Come on Spring, hurry up!

Holly Blue

butterfly on verbena


I was pleased to bag a shot of a tiny Holly Blue butterfly in my garden this morning, having chased a Brimstone around without success.  The butterflies and bees love verbena bonariensis – such a reliable self-seeder here and conveniently at head height for photographers with dodgy backs!

A non-buggy post tomorrow, I promise!

The weekend summer arrived

butterfly on verbena
This weekend, summer finally arrived in our little corner of the British Isles. And with it came the butterflies. This Comma (polygonia c-album) just loved the verbena bonariensis in my garden.

butterfly on verbena
I played around with the image in Photoshop. Well, why not?

butterfly on verbena
It was a tatty fellow, even for a Comma, with a notch out of its rear right wing, but that didn’t seem too much of a handicap.

The honey bees were enjoying the verbena too. Nice to see some more about today. They have not enjoyed our very wet and cold weather.

How did you enjoy the weekend? I hope yours was as good as mine. 🙂