Holly Blue

butterfly on verbena


I was pleased to bag a shot of a tiny Holly Blue butterfly in my garden this morning, having chased a Brimstone around without success.  The butterflies and bees love verbena bonariensis – such a reliable self-seeder here and conveniently at head height for photographers with dodgy backs!

A non-buggy post tomorrow, I promise!

20 thoughts on “Holly Blue

  1. Oh, but I loved this buggy post. That’s the most beautiful butterfly I’ve ever seen. Like it much better than the flashy ones like Monarchs.

  2. Just read an article on how a photographer found a new species if insect in the Malaysian forest. You might know the photographer on Flickr by the name of Kurt, and it reminded me of how many insect photos you take, and maybe one day you will be the next discoverer!

    Keep up the good work!

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