The weekend summer arrived

butterfly on verbena
This weekend, summer finally arrived in our little corner of the British Isles. And with it came the butterflies. This Comma (polygonia c-album) just loved the verbena bonariensis in my garden.

butterfly on verbena
I played around with the image in Photoshop. Well, why not?

butterfly on verbena
It was a tatty fellow, even for a Comma, with a notch out of its rear right wing, but that didn’t seem too much of a handicap.

The honey bees were enjoying the verbena too. Nice to see some more about today. They have not enjoyed our very wet and cold weather.

How did you enjoy the weekend? I hope yours was as good as mine. šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “The weekend summer arrived

  1. That butterfly has seen a lot of action in its short life, hasn’t it?

    Glad things are looking up for you weather-wise. Over here it’s sweltering and sweating weather. My weekend was great though because the sun stayed hidden: I went back up that mountain in my last post, hiked along the fortress wall in fog/low cloud, spent the night sleeping next to the wall, and had a sensational morning yesterday exploring an old, lost temple in more fog. Great fun. Oh, and HUNDREDS of dew-laden spiderwebs – you would’ve loved it.

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