Drive, reboot

light trails


Today’s image is from this day two years ago.  We were driving back from an lovely few days in Dartmouth and I was playing with the Sony NEX 7 which I had hired for the trip.  I reviewed the camera here; it remains one of my most-viewed posts.  I was thinking of buying a compact system camera and the Sony was on the shortlist.  It was a powerful little camera, and I enjoyed using it.  However, I actually ended up buying the Fuji X-E1 because I preferred its dials and buttons rather than the more menu-based operation of the Sony.

In other news, I am pleased to be supporting Guildford Green Belt Group with my images. Here’s the New Years card they sent to their supporters:

Wisley AIrfield

Three Farms Meadows

Seven Dials


ISO50, f/11, 16mm, 6×60 sec exposures

I was out photographing the floods again today but I thought I’d ring the changes here with a shot from last Friday. Traffic light trails around Seven Dials in Covent Garden, London.

PS For those who were curious after my post yesterday, I told her it would be better if she learned to take pictures with the camera she had, showed her the HDR button on her iPhone and invited her to join my camera club!