Drive, reboot

light trails


Today’s image is from this day two years ago.  We were driving back from an lovely few days in Dartmouth and I was playing with the Sony NEX 7 which I had hired for the trip.  I reviewed the camera here; it remains one of my most-viewed posts.  I was thinking of buying a compact system camera and the Sony was on the shortlist.  It was a powerful little camera, and I enjoyed using it.  However, I actually ended up buying the Fuji X-E1 because I preferred its dials and buttons rather than the more menu-based operation of the Sony.

In other news, I am pleased to be supporting Guildford Green Belt Group with my images. Here’s the New Years card they sent to their supporters:

Wisley AIrfield

Three Farms Meadows

10 thoughts on “Drive, reboot

  1. Testing comments. In case it works, thanks for the reminder of your reviews. I’m still looking for a substitute in those instances where I don’t want to lug around 25 pounds of gear.

    • It works! I love my Fuji. Of course, there are many more Fujis to choose from now. My business partner uses Olympus and loves it so much he’s sold all his DSLR kit.

    • Not sure I would give up on my full rig except for a truly exceptional smaller camera (that usually means more money than what I want to spend). I do like my long lenses (animals, birds, etc), and I’ve not seen offerings in the ranges that I would like (200mm+).

      • Yeah, my DSLR is still my main camera. I love the Fuji as a travel and street shooter though. I have three lenses for it, the 18-55 kit (too good to be called a ‘kit’ really), the 14mm f2.8 and, now, Samyang’s 12mm fisheye (which I love!).

      • There is a very small percentage of shots I take in the 50-70mm range, and even the many 100mm shots I take, most are with my macro lens. My workhorse remains my 70-200mm, and even then I often dip to my 80-400mm. With both are often shooting in the upper ranges (makes sense, otherwise why carry them).

        The point-and-shoot have those kinds of zooms, but viewfinders, RAW, manual control are all lacking or irritatingly difficult to use.

        Plus, I find them difficult to use other than for snapshots, although, realistically, I’ve not invested in getting the most out of the one P&S I do have. But I bought that mostly for the video capability . . . which I also seldom use, but keep meaning to get into.

  2. That is an impressive long exposure! Hand held? Really amazing.

    I’m currently umming and ahhing about buying a compact system this year. Currently have a Nikon D5000 which has been good to me, but feel like an update. Sony have been producing some really lovely mirrorless cameras these days.

  3. I do love that first shot!

    The Canon PowerShot is my on-the-go pocket camera. It has a view finder, which is rare for such a small digital, and controls help me easily “go manual” which I love. It doesn’t eat batteries either and uses two AA’s which one can easily pick up at a corner store anywhere in the world. It has passed the “Shannon test” (being dropped and still working from 4-ft height), something I hope to never do with my more expensive set-up.

    Since most of what I shoot is way far away, I am almost never without the DSLR and big lens (to 600mm). My biceps are looking quite buff with the use. Ha! Happy New Year, Rachael. Glad you’re back to a regular project.

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