Kite surfers do it in style

St.Ouen's bay jersey
While I was on Jersey last month I had a chance to watch kite surfers doing their thing. What an amazing sport.
La Rocco tower, Jersey
I wonder what the eighteenth century builders of La Rocco tower would think if they could see this scene.
St.Ouen's Beach, Jersey
I got chatting to one of the surfers and he told me it’s really quite easy. Not sure I believed him. The lighthouse in the background is La Corbiere, which featured in a couple of my earlier posts.
La Rocco tower
One of the tricky things I discovered about shooting kite surfers is that you have to choose between wide shots to get the kite as well as the surfer or close ups to capture the jumps and rolls the surfers do. The trouble with the latter is that without the kite the shot can look a little weird. Needless to say, however, I gave it a good try and some closer shots will feature in a later post.