Male crab spider (probably)

araneus quadratus
When I first posted this, I very tentatively identified it as a male four spot orb weaver spider (araneus quadratus) (maybe). Or possibly a marbled orb weaver ( araneus marmoreus var. pyramidatus). I hadn’t found the I.D. especially easy, and asked if anyone knew better, for them to please tell me! Thanks to two very assured comments below, I have now changed the I.D. to an adult male crab spider (misumena vatia). Thank you both. I should perhaps give up trying to identify the bugs I find in my garden as my success rate is woefully low. Anyway, this tiny crab spider was photographed peering over a leaf in a tree rather high up and I was using my macro lens when I spotted it, so these are big crops. A characterful little thing.
araneus quadratus

If only all spiders were so pretty


You may have noticed that my blog tends to feature minibeasts.  But rarely will you find a spider, because I am quite simply scared stiff of them.  I know, pathetic.  But perhaps I wouldn’t mind them so much if they all looked like this one.  This is a common crab spider, misumena vatia.  They hang out on flowers in gardens in southern England.  They are clever, because I have noticed that they favour the more scented blooms, maximising the chance of some hapless insect happening by.  They come in white or yellow, which I much prefer to brown or black.  But they still have too many legs.