If only all spiders were so pretty


You may have noticed that my blog tends to feature minibeasts.  But rarely will you find a spider, because I am quite simply scared stiff of them.  I know, pathetic.  But perhaps I wouldn’t mind them so much if they all looked like this one.  This is a common crab spider, misumena vatia.  They hang out on flowers in gardens in southern England.  They are clever, because I have noticed that they favour the more scented blooms, maximising the chance of some hapless insect happening by.  They come in white or yellow, which I much prefer to brown or black.  But they still have too many legs.

14 thoughts on “If only all spiders were so pretty

  1. Lovely capture Rachael, as you know I have an irrational fear of them, W though has become my little saviour as he removes any (by hand!) that come indoors. I agree looks better than brown or black 🙂

  2. It’s so strange, I keep well clear of the big, hairy black ones but I’ve noticed these pretty white ones in the flowers and I thought they were cute. I’m glad you like them too! Great photo, as usual.

  3. Beautiful photo. Loving the contrasting colours. The little critter stands out perfectly.

    Thing with spiders is that they’re unpredictable. They could stay still, or move quickly TOWARDS YOU! That’s the worst thing about photographing spiders.

  4. When I was a kid in Oklahoma, I had no problem with *big* spiders. Tarantulas made sense to me. You could read them. They were (usually) slow and deliberative. They’d let you know if they were pissed by locking into a defensive position. You could indeed read them, just like a snake. It was the little spiders that creeped me out. The ones that could be shoes, waiting for my delicate, soft, child toes. The evil little spiders waiting en masse to destroy those soft areas between my toes. Heh. Eventually, the fear faded away. I am, however, still absolutely terrified of scorpions. They creep me the hell out. Minibeasts, indeed!

    • Well you have a right to be wary as some of the spiders and other critters in your locale can actually do you harm! Me, I am just a wimp. None of our spiders can hurt a human and we don’t have scorpions.

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