Autumn unending

funghi  This year Autumn seems to be extra colourful and extra long.  I have been gazing all week at the extraordinary hues of the sycamores and beech trees in my neighbourhood.  Some photos will follow in another post. But I thought I couldn’t let Autumn pass without at least one shot of another characteristic part of the season, funghi.

macro spider on webAnd then of course there has to be a minibeast.  This shot of a spiderling will never be a competition image – the background is too busy.  But I could hardly resist sharing the little critter’s autumnal livery.


Finally, here’s a truly terrible shot but I include it because it is my first ever recognisable photo of a bat in flight!  Karen Anderson, of Modern Memory Keeping, and I went for a morning stroll in Painshill Park the other day and to our astonishment spotted this bat flitting about between the trees.  Of course, I had my macro lens on, but I gave it a go anyway.  What the little thing thought it was doing out and about at nearly noon is anyone’s guess.  I suspect stocking up on some last minute protein before hibernation.

More endless Autumn next time.