Beware the silken hammock

spider in web
A beautifully woven hammock of silk catches the light. Inside, a tiny green spider awaits its next meal.
Cucumber green orb spider
When I first posted this I identified it, rather hesitatingly, as araniella cucurbitina, the cucumber green orb spider. I suspected a female given the size of that shadow. The males are more streamlined:
spider in web

However, I now think the spiders in this post may be nigma walckenaeri.  Any experts around? There are several rather pretty spiders lurking among the turning leaves of my sumach tree. I can’t positively identify the next one through all the silk but it may well be another araniella cucurbitina.  Or maybe not…
green spider in silk
It is definitely spider season here. I wish all the huge ones presently invading my home looked like these instead.