More mossy explorations


Moss spore capsules

Last month I celebrated a brief sunny interlude by exploring the abundant crop of moss growing where my lawn used to be.  Well, we have had some more sun this week so here are some more mossy explorations.

moss macro

A bug’s eye view

I was particularly taken with these colourful spore capsules.  I was used to seeing the spiky sort before but this was the first time I had noticed these alien-looking alternatives.

moss macro

All about colour

I used my macro lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached to get very close indeed to these tiny plants.  Here, the colourful background is my out of focus recycled garden trug.

springtail in moss

Can you spot the explorer?

The above shot isn’t very special but I included it because there is a tiny explorer getting in on the act.  Apparently, recent studies have shown that springtails play an important part in moss fertilisation by carrying scent from plant to plant.  Who knew?

macro of moss

Misty moss

The difficulty with using such extreme magnifications is that depth of field is wafer thin.  I decided to make the most of the difficulty in this last image, for a more minimal, suggestive take.

If you missed my earlier moss extravaganza, see here.