Bradley does it!

Olympic time trials

Photo by Maggie Talibart

My daughter’s debut shot, a stunning capture of Bradley Wiggins riding to victory in the Olympic time trials today.  Well done, Maggie!  I am not sure I should let her near my camera again if she is going to be this good. Well done, Bradley and also Christopher Froome (below) for winning Bronze.

Olympic time trials 2012

Photo by Maggie Talibart


Golden is the sunrise,
The hour photographers shoot

Golden is the moment
We hope not to forget

Golden are the coins
(Look better than they taste!)

Golden is the sunbeam
That gilds the silken web

Golden is the Autumn,
The poet’s mellow season

Golden are the seeds
That tango through the air

Golden is the pond
Stroked by the setting sun

Golden is the coffee
That warms a winter’s night

Golden is the star
That twists in festive light.