La Corbière again

lighthouse, JerseyAnother photograph from my evening shoot on Jersey, in the Channel Islands, in August.  La Corbière (in JèrriaisLa Corbiéthe), is a lighthouse on Jersey’s SouthWestern tip.  We are going back there soon and I am hoping for some rougher seas for a different type of shot.

Lighthouse to nowhere

A shot from our trip to Nantucket in August 2011. The guidebook advertised this lighthouse as perched precariously on the cliff edge. ‘Photo op!’, thought I and dragged the family out there only to find that it had been moved! It is now situated in some fairly uninspiring and very safe scrub. At least the sky was interesting enough to make it worth converting this shot to black and white, pushing the blues towards black and the vegetation towards white to create a pseudo-infrared effect.

La Corbière lights up

lighthouse after sunset on JerseyMost photographers out to capture the sunset go home once the sun has dipped below the horizon.  My fellow photographers during my session at La Corbière last week were no exception.  But it is always worth waiting around for a little longer.  If they had, they would have seen La Corbière lighting up.  A different mood from yesterday’s shot, taken at exactly the same location only minutes earlier.  Doesn’t the landscape at low tide look otherworldly?


The joy of watching light

On this trip I have enjoyed a few opportunities to return to my first photographic love, landscapes. There really is nothing like waiting for the light. Time slows down. Senses are heightened to notice the rhythmic wash of waves on the shore, the eerie cry of a solitary gull, the way the light touches the crests of the breakers, the curve of wet rocks at the shore’s edge, the drift of the clouds. How could I have forgotten?
This shot is from my iPhone and not exactly top quality – iPhone4’s camera is good but struggles in low light. The proper shots will have to wait until I get home. But even if none of them prove worthy, the experience was magical.

Beachy Head Lighthouse


This is Beachy Head Lighthouse, East Sussex. I took this shot on a blustery day in May 2010, as scudding clouds created shadow patterns over the shallow water at the base of the chalk cliffs the lighthouse guards. The lighthouse was built in 1902, warning ships of the cliffs with a light at night and its bright stripes by day. In September, Trinity House announced that it could no longer justify the cost of painting the lighthouse, modern navigational aids making this precaution redundant. Needless to say, many people are reluctant to see the lighthouse fade to grey and a campaign has been running ever since to raise the funds to keep this iconic lighthouse beautiful.