The ninth day of Christmas: resolving not to resolve

How did medieval people manage to celebrate Christmas for twelve whole days? I am beginning to regret launching myself into this series; once New Year festivities are over, I feel it’s time to move on.

Mind you, medieval folk probably didn’t start thinking about Christmas in September. I am quite sure they didn’t have to put up with cheesy perfume adverts in November, tinsel after Halloween and charity Christmas catalogues popping through their doors in July!

Anyway, today I have been thinking about New Years resolutions, or rather, I have been thinking about not making any. I am learning to live in the moment, not to project into the future but instead to notice the little things that are happening now. Cognitive Behavioural Therapists call it mindfulness.

The best thing I know to promote mindfulness is photography. I don’t need to resolve to take photographs since I can hardly help myself.

Anyway, here’s to living in the moment and, as an antidote to all that Christmas bling, some soothing black and whites.



18 thoughts on “The ninth day of Christmas: resolving not to resolve

  1. Right with you on the resolve to no resolutions. It’s great to have goals and things you want to achieve, but spontaneity is so much more fun. And we could all use a whole lot more of that these days.

    The shot of Battersea power station is very dramatic with the build up of clouds. Fab B&W.

  2. Beautiful photos.. the mouse is so sweet… I have a mouse photo ( a dead mouse!) coming up soon! Mindfulness is the way to live in the world and the only time we can live in is the right now..

  3. Photography does that for me as well – and I also can’t really help myself. All the best to you and your family this year!

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