The eighth day of Christmas: New Year’s Day

One tradition in our family that I particularly enjoy is the New Year’s Day walk.

This year our walk was on Dartmoor. The pictures will have to wait until we get home. But a stroll through any part of Britain’s countryside is a lovely way to greet the new year.


I like seeing families out together, often several generations. That’s not something we do particularly well in this country but somehow we do manage to get together at this time of year.

Did you go walking today? Where did you go

11 thoughts on “The eighth day of Christmas: New Year’s Day

  1. We had a short walk today around a local lake. Only an hour but both my daughters were at home and their boyfriends were visiting for new year so there was all six of us out together; lovely time..

  2. We typically walk every day (when I am home), and we just came in from our walk a few minutes ago.

    Our usual walk is 4 miles. Most of the time it’s around our neighborhood (200 feet elevation change from our house to where we end up before returning, and with all the ups and down, it comes out to about 400 feet). From most places we can see Pikes Peak, although today a huge cloud (probably with snow) hovered a few miles away, blocking the view to the South and West.

    Today it was warmer than yesterday . . . 21 deg-F. A few days ago it was 9 . . . I almost wore a coat. I did set the coffee pot to make coffee a few minutes before we got back home (typically 60-70 minutes to walk, depending on icy roads and stuff). Drinking some now.

    Back to work tomorrow . . . with dreams of an eventual retirement.

      • I am more stubborn than fit . . . and same thing goes with the cold.

        I do dress up . . . one undershirt, one long sleeve t-shirt, one short sleeve t-shirt, a heavy polo shirt. Gloves, earmuffs, a scarf if it’s windy, and my ventilated hat (Large brim, mesh top). Usually, unless it’s really windy, my gloves scarf, and ear-muffs come off half-way through.

        To be fair . . . it’s the sun, you see. At 7,300 feet I am closer to it than most places. It shines brighter and warmer, so while the air may be cold, that sunlight will near-cook you. Seriously.

        And yes, the coffee was good. Time for another cup.

  3. We spent the day indoors, with good friends who have a lovely little daughter. The weather was squally and wet, and I’m too old for that malarkey outdoors! How do I follow your blog?

    • Hi Viv
      I think you had our weather from yesterday. If so, tomorrow will be fine. There should be a follow button next to the like button in the dark grey WordPress bar at the top.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your shots from Dartmoor.

    Me? Usually I make an effort to at least get out of the house, but this year stayed in and watched some films. Despite the weather being one of the best days we’ve had in weeks. Felt the need to be lazy to hold off the impending return to work the following day. Sadly, didn’t work!

  5. Happy new year! A first day of the year walk is a great tradition—I’ll remember that. We didn’t walk with that intention, but we did some walking, mainly around our field to care for the animals and enjoy the snow. We got a ton of snow on the 28th and a little more on the 30th. We snowshoed through it on Sunday. It was wonderful. I don’t have any formal resolutions, but I would like to push myself to get out there on my snowshoes more often.

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