The tenth day of Christmas; oh, to heck with it!


Dartmoor on New Year’s Day

Well, I suppose I could come up with some tenuous link between today’s post and Christmas, if I tried really hard.  But, instead, I thought I’d share this shot taken in Dartmoor National Park on New Year’s Day.  This is for you, Gunta. 😉

While we were away, I rented a new camera, the Sony NEX-7 from the good folk at  I need a lightweight alternative to my big brick for hiking but I want to try before I buy.  Over the next few days I will be sharing some of the images I took and my impressions of this high-end compact system camera.

13 thoughts on “The tenth day of Christmas; oh, to heck with it!

  1. THANKS, Rachael… I love it. I’m really needing some color as the days have been totally monochrome here. You’ve even captured my favorite shades of pink and blue (and everything in between)! 🙂

    • It’s jolly useful. More usually, I have rented lenses for holidays, long lenses for wildlife in particular. The top telephotos cost the proverbial arm and leg to buy and I just wouldn’t get enough regular use out of them to make the cost worthwhile but I can rent for several holidays without even coming close to the purchase price.

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