Deer in frost

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Another picture from Friday’s fantastic, frosty day out.  As I was taking a landscape shot,  two deer took flight across the meadow.  Of course, my wide lens hadn’t a hope of catching them, but I quickly changed to my 70-200mm lens and hoped I’d find more.  Luckily, I did.

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Yesterday, I shared the colour version of this shot, also from Friday but I rather like this tinted black and white edit too.   And it is a handy segue from frost to black and white to my 365/25, from this day in 2009:




3 thoughts on “Deer in frost

  1. You know I can’t make up my mind whether I prefer the colour or the black & white version. Lovely spot though.

    PS I’m enjoying your photo a day from old photos; an interesting idea.

  2. Fab shot of the deer – the frosty-ness adds an awesome level of magic to the shot you’ve captured perfectly. Really lovely delicate tones and colours. Beautiful.

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