Perfect morning

Surrey landscape

Yesterday morning, I had a chance to capture dawn over Newark Priory. It’s a shot I’d had in my mind for about 5 years and the conditions were perfect. For more about Newark Priory, see here.

Afterwards, I pottered about on the Wey Navigation towpath and collected some wintery shots.  I am writing a book about the Navigation and these shots should fit nicely. Altogether, a successful morning’s shooting.

Wey Navigation

Wey Navigation


My 365/23 is from last year.  Three modes of transport, four if feet count (there’s a pedestrian on the footbridge).  Taken at the junction of the Wey Navigation and the Basingstoke Canal. For a fuller post about this shoot and the history of this location, click here.

Surrey landscape


365/24 is from 2010, a brief moment of good light at the end of what had been a grey, uninspiring day.  This is the Millennium Glasshouse at RHS Wisley.

12 thoughts on “Perfect morning

  1. The river scene and the canal reflection are my kinda shots – lovely – the priory and tree are lovely too but I feel the priory needs a stronger sky to make it stand out. The lone tree though begs for inclusion.

  2. What a joy your pictures are. Let me know about the Wey Book as I would love to buy a copy. I still hope to join your photographic class as I am now ‘freeee’

  3. Beautiful images. Are you just lucky with lighting conditions or have you enhanced that soft misty glow in post-processing. If so, how are you doing that? Thanks!

    • Hi Sue
      This was an easy one to process. The light was really that good. I knew the forecast and planned to get out early to take full advantage. I had wanted that picture for 5 years and finally it came together.
      It’s all about the light in the end, after all.

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