A detailed city

black and white cityscape

Vancouver waterfront

As a respite from the bug macros, I thought I’d pay a visit to one of my favourite North American cities, Vancouver.

black and white view of Vancouver

Striking shapes mingle with softer planting

I thoroughly enjoyed prowling round the most modern parts of this city, playing with angles and snapping details that caught my eye.

black and white view of Vancouver

The same place looking the other way

I often convert my shots of architecture to black and white to bring out the interesting shapes and patterns.

architectural detail

Diagonals meet verticals, and some palm trees

It can be fun to zoom in tight.

Architectural detail

Loads of contrast here

Or pull back for a wider view.

black and white Vancouver city

Contrasting new and old

Sorting out converging lines can be tricky with tall buildings but sometimes it’s fun not to bother…


Well, this building does actually lean anyway.

…or to go mad:

warped architectural detail Vancouver

One way to cope with those converging lines

Reflections are always a lot of fun.

city detail

Fairmont hotel reflected in office block.

I did allow some colour, sometimes a lot of colour:

Five panels of city reflections

If a triptych is three panels, what do you call five panels?

I hope you enjoyed my architectural safari. Vancouver really is a super city and there is, of course, much more to it than its modern architecture. More another time. I will leave you now with this thought: what’s not to like about a city that has a giant lego orca?

killer whale sculpture

You have to love Canadians.

18 thoughts on “A detailed city

  1. I’ve aways wanted to visit Vancouver, until I get around to affording it I’ll use the photos as a lovely reminder why I shouldn’t give up my dream of going.

  2. Enjoyed seeing some B & W on your site, Rachael, and another side to a city I liked when I saw it in 1993 – God, so long ago. In fact the side we saw (then-GF and I) was, we came to realise, Skid Row. Not much modernist architecture down there, back then anyway. My other lasting impression is that it was COLD, for we Australians anyway.

    I empathise re your converging-lines dilemmas. Sometimes I think, after several readjustments, that the photographer is far more sensitive to them than the casual viewer – and that I may be going cross-eyed.

    • We had last been there in 1994 and we noticed a huge change between then and our return trip in 2010. The area between the Harbour Centre and Stanley Park was barely recognisable.

  3. Wow! Too much to say for a decent short comment box. My favorites for sure: 1) the pentaptych (is that what it’s called? the BEST!), 2) reflection Fairmont (love the portrait panorama) and, 3) the leaning building (very cool landmark, though the pixilated Orca IS pretty awesome). Rachael, you have done some nice work here with your eye for architecture! Never been to Vancouver. Great city for snapping photos. Thanks for sharing!

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