More tiny secrets

fly macro

I thought I’d follow up yesterday’s post, The secret world of the smallest things, with more of the most miniscule critters in my garden. They are little more than moving dots to the naked eye but the macro lens and cropping reveals another world.

wasp macro

Possibly a very small sort of wasp.

I am not going to be able to identify some of these tiny creatures.  I know when I am out of my depth!  I am content just to enjoy them, and their colourful landscape.

insect on leaf

Definitely a midge.

Some are not so welcome, or pretty.  Don’t bite me!  But isn’t the sumach leaf lovely?

insect macro

Uphill is hard work!

I promise no insects tomorrow.



15 thoughts on “More tiny secrets

    • Thanks, Jaina. Yes, I have a small clump of ornamental grass and it is a hiding place for all manner of tiny beasties. It is a very attractive gold colour at this time of year.

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