Aurora over Lofoten

northern lights
I am just back from an exciting trip to the Lofoten Islands, where we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on two evenings. Before I went, I was ambivalent about seeing aurora. There are so many pictures of them on the internet these days, and I had seen them before, in Canada decades ago. My purpose in going to Norway was, rather, to capture the beautiful, snow-covered landscape.Lofoten
However, when green ribbons ripped across the sky that first night on Skagsanden beach, I was as excited as anyone. I was unprepared for the raw power of the spectacle, and for how fast the lights can move. Shutter speeds as fast as 1.3″ were required and even then the lights were occasionally burnt out. It seems incredible that all this drama is silent, apart from whoops of exhilaration from onlookers. I fear photographing aurora may be addictive.

13 thoughts on “Aurora over Lofoten

  1. these are precisely what I was seeking but despite passing through twice didn’t see squat due weather. that said – I would have had to be on land to get these sort of results – brilliant Rachael as always

      • We had similar skies but once North of the Arctic Circle we had 3 nights of Aurora for between 2/3 hours each night. My only issue was a stable platform to get the type of shots I was after ( I had seagulls shaped stars 🙂 unfortunately passing through Lofoten the weather was rubbish – I would fly in to Tromso and hire a car for detonate especially as I can fly direct from Aberdeen – but will have to save the pennies as Norway as u know ain’t cheap.

  2. Indeed! These photographs of the Aurora (AND the exquisite coastal scenery,) are breathtaking. Congratulations, Rachael, on your exceptional captures and great fortune to be in the right place at the right time.

    • Thanks! We were lucky to have the skies clear for two nights. The Lofoten Islands are very beautiful and the scenery there, with mountains rising straight from the sea, is spectacular.

  3. Hi again Rachael! What a magical phenomenon and stunning imagery here. I like that your Aurora photos have a a different take from others I’ve seen in that you included the ‘skyline’ of the town. That adds a nice element.

  4. Addicting indeed!! I’m certain you were giddy when you discovered the right combination for that perfect exposure (which these all are). I’m loving that last one in particular. Hope you’re well, Rachael!

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