Three from Thurne


During my trip to Norfolk last month, I had the chance to spend a large part of one day at Thurne wind pump.  I took many of the usual, landscape type shots but I also enjoyed the chance to use my long lens and capture some graphic black and white details.


My photographic eye tends to veer automatically to the large vistas but I want to start catching more intimate aspects of the landscapes I visit too.  It’s a new project for 2015.


Do you think your eye tends to favour one sort of composition to the detriment of others and is there another you’d particularly like to master too?

5 thoughts on “Three from Thurne

  1. I tend to focus in on details, such as macro shots of flowers. I am really trying to work on finding better compositions. My wife has a much better eye than I do, but I hope to get there with practice.

  2. A favor anything with eyes. The flittier — or creepier — the better. Though I enjoy viewing others’ architecture composures, I find I’m quite bored with obtaining my own.

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