Spectra over London


Spectra, by Rioji Ikeda, is one of several art installations in London at present to commemorate the centenary of the start of WW1.   Certainly an imposing sight.  You don’t have to go into London to see it as it is visible for many miles around.  However, if you do want to see it for yourself, you will have to be quick – tonight’s the last night.

Spectra 1 (moonless)

19 thoughts on “Spectra over London

  1. They had two light beams like that to commemorate the Twin Towers at some point. It was pretty impressive, too. Though I only saw it in pictures. Yours is pretty cool with that London Eye added to it.

    • Thanks. Yes, I saw pictures of the installations in NY too. I think these beams have been all over the place. I found some very cool shots from Hobart, Tasmania!

      • If I wasn’t moving house tomorrow then I could post some of my shots. The rain produced some great effects. The beam is visible quite clearly from here in Hammersmith if you look in the right direction. Hmmmm, meteors. A bit touch and go with the leaden weather?…

    • A very good question. If you know Hungerford Bridge, it’s a rail and pedestrian bridge. I had to wait for gaps between trains. There were some slight vibrations from the pedestrians but not enough to disturb my heavy duty manfrotto tripod.

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