Sliding to the left


On Thursday, Pete and I enjoyed a six hour walk on the vast, low-tide beach of Saundersfoot Bay, returning via the Coastal Path along the cliffs.  Although the sky was overcast and it rained intermittently, I could see why Pembrokeshire is celebrated for its light.  I wanted to capture the almost-sliver of the diffused light on the sluggish sea.

My first post from Wales was all about colour, although even there I nudged the saturation and vibrancy sliders to the left, because the colours in the RAW file were almost too rich to be believed!   More and more, these days, I find myself wanting to desaturate images.  For  some beautiful images that exemplify sliding to the left, try Asmita Kapadia’s website.


7 thoughts on “Sliding to the left

  1. Some days I wish I could desaturate my life! I do love the smokiness of the creams and grays together, especially along the shoreline. Overcast skies did these exposures justice. “Six hour walk.” We should all be so rewarded.

  2. Love this part of the world – I spent many childhood holidays in Saundersfoot. Great shots too, I never really know what to do in overcast weather but these give a really nice effect.

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