An adventure with rainbows


f/11, 16mm, ISO 100, .5″

We’re just back from a short trip to Wales.  I have a lot of images to upload but thought I’d start with the most recent, from last night. We found a super sunset spot for Lilly, our camper van, looking over Freshwater West beach, Pembrokeshire.  I was so busy looking West that I almost didn’t notice a rainbow appearing behind us.


f/11, 16mm, ISO 100, .8″

It just got better and better as the setting sun turned the clouds pink.  By the end, I’d had a good soaking (well, you can’t have rainbows without rain) and I was very glad of my camera’s weather seals.  We loved what we saw of Glamorgan and Pembrokeshire and have already agreed to go back as soon as we can.


f/11, 16mm, ISO 100, 1.6″

By the way, the small triangular structure in the first shot is a seaweed drying hut.  More on that anon.

22 thoughts on “An adventure with rainbows

  1. love the van – and 16mm interesting just spoke with Chillbrook about his 12-24mm lens which I would like for my property work and the perspective angle as he like you posted landscapes at 14mm.

  2. My favourite part of Wales. I was in Pembrokeshire a couple of years ago, in Saundersfoot and along the coast there. Gorgeous coastline.

    Fab shot of Lily! Looks like you got the perfect moment with the rainbow in the background.

  3. I too use the Sigma 10-20mm. Nice lens, and I should use it more often.

    And nice shots . . . however, I be wanting to know about the van (make, model, year, and internal layout.

  4. Wow! The rainbow is just the icing on the cake. Your van reminds me of ours way back in prehistoric times. 😀 They sure do make wandering a whole lot more fun!

  5. You…have a VW camper van!!! Oh the memories. We had not one but TWO of them growing up. Many a fun time — and many a rainbow — was enjoyed from within and without the rusty red walls of those tvehicles. Your green one there is looking much nicer.

    Superb captures on the rainbows. Especially the composition with the van. Exquisite color.

    PS – You’ll never guess what my first car was. Sunshine — yes, and even rainbows — came out of its tailpipe. You’d never know by the look of it. (

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