Fields of gold

rapeseed field
Fields of oilseed rape are in full bloom right now.
rapeseed field
Oilseed rape is not a subtle crop. Each Spring it blazes out its presence in the English countryside, briefly turning this ‘green and pleasant land’ into something far more extroverted.
rapeseed field
I took the opportunity to capture some of its moods twice last week, near Wisley in Surrey and the village of Northchapel in West Sussex. It was interesting how the colour changed with the light, from acid yellow to something far more mellow, with a hint of amber.
rapeseed field

The farmer of this field has sown his crop right over one of the many public rights of way that criss-cross the meadows here.

rapeseed field

What footpath?

If you are not a fan of swathes of yellow in the countryside, you might be interested in this news item from last year, although after seeing the artist’s impression of how the future of oilseed rape farming could appear, you might feel that yellow is not so bad!
rapeseed field

18 thoughts on “Fields of gold

  1. I don’t mind the oilseed rape fields. You don’t see them so much in Cornwall although swathes of yellow can still be seen. The yellow of these fields however comes from the daffodils also in full bloom at the moment. Lovely photos Rachael.

  2. I saw some fields like this near Salem and thought they might have been mustard, but you make me realize it could have been rapeseed or canola. The swatches of yellow are beautiful and your shots show them off nicely.

  3. Looks absolutely stunning. Fab photos. But, how could you stand the smell? I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely loathe the smell of these flowers!

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