Hampton, floods and a big stopper

Molesey Riverside

ISO 50, 16mm, f/11, 215secs

I found an hour this afternoon to take some pictures of the now-thankfully-receding floodwater at Hampton using my 10-stop ND filter. I expect the novelty of the ‘big stopper’ will wear off eventually but, for now, what fun! As for the floods, the Thames is definitely considerably lower today, but we had heavy rain again this evening…
Hampton Court

ISO 50, 16mm, f/11, 246 secs

I was amused when a young woman came up behind me and asked if she could take a picture with her iPhone ‘through’ my camera. What would you have said?

13 thoughts on “Hampton, floods and a big stopper

  1. I would have said – “Pardon”, as I would have definitely required some time to work out where she was coming from.
    Apart from being beautiful your pictures are going to be of historical interest.

  2. Uh…no idea what I would have said. But WOW. Love the way the long exposure softened the water and sky with the second one. So peaceful. We could sure use some of that rain here. Pretty bone dry in tropical land.

  3. Without the ND filter I would guess that it would work. I’d have told her to have a go, provided she showed me the end result.

  4. Beautiful shots, Rachael! Love the silky look on the water.
    Uhmm, I’m curious to know what you said to the lady too. I’m pretty sure I would have simply stared at her as I wouldn’t know what to say.

  5. It might have gone something like this:

    “Good, you’re just in time.”
    “In time for what?”
    “I’m under surveillance; they think I’m a terrorist.”
    “Are you?”
    “I think, therefore . . . ”
    “I mean, are you a terrorist?”
    “Yeah; I’m a photoist; I wait until someone approaches with an iPhone, then I grab it from them and run like hell!”
    “Come closer . . . ”

    Nice photos, by the way . . . need to get me a ND filter sometime soon.

  6. Beautiful shots. And sadly, doesn’t look like the rain is going to be stopping any time soon! 😦

    Don’t know what I would have said. I think I would have let her take a phone with her iPhone and let her be mildly confused as to what she got. Who knows, maybe it would have intrigued her enough to learn more!

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