More murmurations

Last month, I posted some images of our local starling murmuration.  I popped back three times last week and was delighted to find them still there, doing their thing, only in greater numbers.  Yesterday was the best yet as the sunset kindly provided a colourful backdrop.

15 thoughts on “More murmurations

    • Thanks! Maybe, but probably a straight video would be better as they move so fast. Time lapse is usually better for slow things? I think? Not something I’ve tried, yet.
      The murmuration lasts 15-20 minutes, and it is always at dusk. You can set your watch by it. I’ve been down there five times now and never get tired of it.

      • Thanks. I have seen many videos, and films on the good old BBC, of murmurations over the years. They are indeed one of nature’s great spectacles, and a very well-established ‘honeypot’ for photographers here. It was however a complete surprise to discover one locally, albeit a small one. Clearly no-one else knows about it as I have had the place to myself every time. Really special to watch them. And to think I only found them because I was watching the light for a landscape shot. Photography is so cool. 🙂

      • The reason I mention timelapse is that I have decent luck with taking 10-15 shots as fast tas the camera can shoot, and then generate a looping GIF (a la my galloping horses (about halfway down –

        The other reason I mention GIFs is that I don’t usually bother with a tripod, and shooting a movie hand-held generates less-than-optimal results.

        If you have a pro-camera, you can usually get 20-30 shots before the buffer fills, and more if one is shooting JPGs. That would make for a reasonably long GIF animation.

  1. Great shots. At our local place as well as having murmerations of starlings we also saw knots doing the same thing. (only instead of disapearing into the reeds they kept it up for at least an hour over the shoreline.

    • Yes, knots are great value. But is it a murmuration? You describe it as such on your blog. But is the term is reserved for starlings? Genuine question, I don’t know.

      • Yes not sure on the whole murmuration thing. You really only hear it about starlings, but the actionthat the knots perform and the shapes and sound they can make is identical. Since I can’t come up with a better name ( “a ‘Rate’ of knots”? “A ‘String’ of knots”?) I think murmuration will have to apply too. 🙂

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