Desborough Island flooded 2
As some of you may have read on the news, here in Surrey we are experiencing some seriously epic flooding as the Thames bursts its banks.

floods in Surrey

This is usually a meadow.

We are safe and dry at home here, safely removed by a small hill from the danger, but I have friends who are anxiously watching as the water level rises ever higher.
Surrey floods

Desborough Island is now Desborough Lake

I could hardly resist popping out today and yesterday to capture the changed landscape, or should I say waterscape, of my local area.
Surrey floods

A swan claims new territory

Surrey floods

We’re going to need a bigger bridge!

14 thoughts on “Waterworld

  1. Delicious images. This sort of flooding is a regular occurrence around here, but we don’t build in the flood planes…. summer it’s cows, winter the ducks take over…. but always sad to see homes flooded. Oddly enough we are having a drought this winter. Very weird.

    • With your comment about building on flood plains you have hit the nail on the head. Wise voices have been saying this for a long time, and with some force since the last dramatic floods here in 2000. But the pressure on space on this small and very crowded island is so great. I am afraid the short term palliative of dredging the rivers seems more attractive to many, despite the disastrous impact that would have on the ecosystem.

      • Arrgh… I think my brain is showing its age… plains/planes and typos all over the place. Very annoying for an OCD type! But, yes, I can see the pressure that might arise from having limited space. Luckily we still have quite a few remaining options. Though building up on the ridges can be unpleasantly windy.

  2. Superb photos…I live near the Wharfe in yorkshire…it usually floods quite bad during heavy rain but this time it hasn’t been too high – I read somewhere that Yorkshire Water divert some of the water into ‘compensation reservoirs’ when it gets too high and there are certainly a couple of full ones near me. I feel so sorry for the poor people who have been flooded out, I can’t imagine what they are going through.

  3. These are gorgeous images. Our world climate has gone wacko, though. Just retuned from Northern California where they are experiencing drastic drought and lack of mountain snow that will replenish the reservoirs. Here in the Midwestern US we have record breaking bone chill with high temps in the negative double digits…what’s next??

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