Milky Way over Pinnacles

Western AustraliaWe’re back from our trip to Western Australia. This had to be the first image processed. I have long wanted to photograph the milky way, but where we live light pollution is too great. Luckily, during our trip the moon rose late enough for me to squeeze in three milky way photoshoots. But no foreground could match that of the eery pinnacles in Nambung National Park.
Happy New Year everyone!

7 thoughts on “Milky Way over Pinnacles

  1. Simply stunning. Could only dream of doing something like that in the UK! Do you mind giving your settings for such a photo? Can’t be that long an exposure otherwise star trails would start to appear.

  2. The first two comments stole the words I wanted to use 🙂 — beautiful and stunning. Especially stunning! Lovely, lovely shots of the milky way. I have some camera skill envy for these… 🙂

  3. This is stunning. All the celestial photos are (your succeeding posts, but I’m working backward in time here). Looking at the world at night, it looks like I would need to go to Baja California or British Columbia to find night sky conditions like those in Western Australia. What a rare and wonderful experience you had. It’s amazing how much light pollution we have in the US.

  4. A belated welcome home (floods notwithstanding) and apology for getting way behind with your blog (and others). I’ve just read through them in reverse order, so will comment here re: the night shots. They’re great! It’s true we have amazing starry skies in Australia, one of things I most miss when I’m living in Asia. Love that the iPhone comes in so handy for foreground illumination too.

    Very, very busy here, mix of catch-ups with several old friends (seven or eight different meetings so far!), riding and walking, photos, napping and a big project I’ll get to soon. Even my own blog is suffering, but I hope to rectify that soonish. Glad you enjoyed my vast, brown, starry & sunburnt country. 100 bushfires and counting!

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