Autumn Falls



Last week I shared a picture of Coulson’s Weir on the Wey Navigation, Weybridge.  This is another shot of the same place, taken on the same day but a couple of hours later.  The light has become warmer and a cluster of oak leaves has fallen giving me some seasonal foreground. In fact, I like this one better than the first shot.  I think the person on the bridge helps the composition, although I know a few very good landscapers who absolutely hate seeing people in their shots.  I suppose this is not exactly a wild place and so a bit of human interest seems fitting. Which image do you prefer?  And what are your views on figures in landscapes?

I realise I have been wittering on about the Wey Navigation recently but haven’t really explained what it is.  I did a few posts about it last year, but that is a long time ago in blog-land!  A longer post on the Navigation is in the pipeline, plus one on technique, and one on selling your images online. But first my incredibly slow internet has to finish downloading OS X Mavericks.  So far, 8 hours and not even close to the middle of the progress bar!  Rant over.

9 thoughts on “Autumn Falls

  1. I prefer this shot; I think the foreground feature and the fact that you are looking along the bridge more give the image more depth. As to people in landscape shots I feel it depends entirely on context. I hate to see those wide vistas with a tiny figure (photoshopped in) positioned for no purpose other than to give a sense of scale. But in public places, a figure or two acting naturally adds something IMO, provided they don’t dominate the scene.

  2. Can’t pin the reason, but I like the previous shot better. Something to do with the lighting and the focus on the waterfall. The person in this one is so subtle I never would have noticed him (?) if you hadn’t pointed him out hidden in the shadows. The more I look at it, I think it’s the wall in the foreground that bothers me in this shot. It was also what definitely kept me from seeing the human. I’m definitely not a purist about keeping humans out of shots. They come in very handy at my beach for a suggestion of scale. I definitely think any rules are meant to be broken anyway.

  3. I prefer this shot, but I tend to like warmer shots than cooler shots.

    And I like foreground objects in photo compositions.

    As for figures in the landscape, it depends. As a general rule, I try to avoid people in any of my shots (landscapes or not). However, shots like this one, where the person is not obtrusive to the composition, are OK with me.

    Mind you, I don’t object to other photographers including as many people as they want in their shots. My objections are only for my photographs.

  4. I like the composition and warmth of color in this one…and while I do not like the idea of inserting a person to create a sense of scale, I do enjoy that sense when I’ve captured one in the distance…especially when showing great expanses of landscape.

    This is another beautiful image, Rachael…. 🙂

  5. The first one for me with the water spread out in the foreground. But both have impact. You always get a great shot. I like a figure lurking around at times, specially when they add a slightly edgy presence, as here!

  6. I love it when a person stumbles into frame n one of those rare occasions you actually want one!

    I love them both but am leaning towards the first.

    I reluctantly upgraded the iPhone IOS a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed no internet, calls or texts ever since…

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