An autumn stroll at Winkworth

f18, 1/5, ISO 100, 16mm, circ. polariser


I had a lovely day yesterday in the company of Jenifer Bunnett at Winkworth Arboretum in Surrey.  Magical light and location, and a small starburst in keeping with this week’s theme.  One of the many wonderful things about Autumn as a landscape photography season is that the sun never gets very high in the sky, making for softer light, longer shadows and the availability of starbursts filtered through leaves.

6 thoughts on “An autumn stroll at Winkworth

  1. Hey, thanks for all the starbursts! Beautiful, all of them.

    I’ve been a very poor blogger and reader lately — let’s see if I can address these issues this week. I’ve been loving the autumn walking and shooting as well, my own rambles tinged with a sort of bittersweetness (can I make that a noun?) as each could be my last on that path. And the weather’s been brilliant the last week or two — just starting to look Winter-dreary the last couple of days.

    Over in New York Kate just reported another light snow…

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