London lights


The cityscape I shared earlier this week was taken last Saturday.  Afterwards, we popped over to Leicester Square to see The Life of Pi at the Empire.  I really liked the lights in the square this year.


Leicester Square lights

As it was a dry evening (and there haven’t been too many of those this winter), we walked back to Waterloo.


Charing Cross highwalk

Of course, I had to snap a few shots as we walked.


South Bank

I do like the South Bank and its devotion to the Arts.  There’s always something to see or do, much of it free.  A big playground for young and old, even if you haven’t got tickets for a play, concert or film.


Royal Festival Hall foyer

The Royal Festival Hall foyer was cheerful and bright.


Relaxing after a long day’s work

The lights outside were pretty.


South Bank Winter Festival lights

We wished we’d managed to come up during the Winter Festival and vowed to make it a date for next year.


Can you see the igloo?

I love walking in London at night.


Winter lights

19 thoughts on “London lights

  1. South Bank is lovely. Always good for a walk. When it’s cold, go for a warm up coffee or sit down in the South Bank centre.

    Great photos. Particularly the festival lights along the south bank.

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