City of London


View from City Point, Moorgate.

Despite the portability of the Sony NEX-7 I rented over the holidays, it was good to get back to my trusty Canon.  Everything is so much more intuitive, at least to this long term Canon shooter.  This is a blend of eleven 30 sec exposures taken at dusk on Saturday.  Back to NEX images tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “City of London

    • A CS4 layer blend. I used lighten blending mode to make sure all the lights trails came through. There is not much traffic in the City on Saturdays so I didn’t have a lot of trails to play with.

      • Hmmm . . . I’ll have to play around with that. I’ve used blended layers to increase the depth of field in macro photography (varying the focus for each shot, and then blending it so the entire subject in in focus), but I’ve not used it otherwise.

        I presume these were all different exposures (from light to dark)? Does it essentially function as a form of HDR processing?

      • No, all the exposures are identical. It is all about time. 11 30-sec exposures blended properly equals 5 and half minutes, but with a lot less noise!

        PS Like you, I have blended multiple exposures in layers in macro work. I know one can get software that does a lot of the work of focus stacking for you but I haven’t tried it yet. I prefer a more hands on, or ‘mouse’ on, approach. I do use exposure bracketing sometimes when dealing with a scene with high dynamic range but never more than 3 images, and I blend those using layers and layer masks, again no extra software. I find a lot of HDR done in Photomatix etc does not suit my personal taste.

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