Still Autumn, just…

Painshill Park, Surrey

Today the leaves have begun to fall in earnest.  Flurries billow under the wheels of passing vehicles and the windscreens of parked cars are patterned with a tapestry of gold and orange.   Although the season is nearly over,  I thought I might share some more Autumn shots, taken during my recent visit to Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey.

Painshill Park

The Mausoleum

Painshill Park

The Gothic Temple

Painshill Park

Autumn foliage

Painshill Parkm


Painshill Park

Coot on golden pond

Painshill Park

Painshill Lake

For an earlier post where I talk about some of the history of Painshill and share some more images, see here.

6 thoughts on “Still Autumn, just…

  1. Thanks for the lovely images of a fading autumn. I think all our leaves are going to be gone with the current storm we’re having. I see you managed to sneak in a creepy-crawly. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t! 😉

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