26 thoughts on “Living dangerously

    • It does look rather formidable, though harmless to us. My inner arachnophobe was a little dismayed to hear a news item this morning about a woman who was nearly killed by a house spider bite :O

      • I certainly hope that it was an allergic reaction. I have always been under the impression that no British spiders were venomous to anything more than a trivial degree and have always been completely happy to pick them up. I’ll have to search for the news item to put my mind at rest. 😦

      • Hi
        Thanks for the award. Very sweet of you. I do not participate in awards – your visit is reward enough. But I am honoured nonetheless. 🙂

      • I’m totally ambivalent and likely share many of the same feelings… so no worries, but mostly it’s a nod to let you know you’re appreciated! 😉

      • And that’s good to know :). I decided to avoid awards from the start because I am a veteran of similar “chain” processes on Flickr – learned from experience how they can take over.

    • Yes, perhaps I shouldn’t assume that my readers will feel the same affection for the creepies, although by now they probably know what to expect ;). I must admit that this spider did creep me out a bit. I am still an arachnophobe, sadly.

    • Hi Gary
      Thanks! I am very glad you enjoyed it. I am finding Nietzsche to be a surprisingly useful source for my bug posts. I wonder if he is spinning in his grave 😉

  1. Thank you for the continued bug shots, Rachael – I posted all of my half-decent shots right away, so I have none left until spring. And I’m going to have to ponder Nietzsche and bugs a bit…

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