La Corbière, October

lighthouse, Jersey

We’re back from another trip to Jersey.  Here’s La Corbière in rather different conditions from my August sunset shots.  I dragged my poor family down to the lighthouse every evening this week and the sky remained doggedly grey until yesterday when we were supposed to be going to the airport for our flight home.  A small detour was begged and granted.  I only had ten minutes, but made the most of them.

18 thoughts on “La Corbière, October

    • Thanks, Scott. Yes, I know St.Michael’s Mount. It’s equivalent is Mont Saint Michel on the French mainland, not far from Jersey. I hope to make a trip there next summer if our plans to spend more time in the Channel Islands come to fruition.

    • Yes, thankfully. They got to spend each morning surfing so they didn’t feel too bad about letting me have the sunset hour. Shame there weren’t any sunsets until the last day!

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