Tiny spiders on Autumn leaves

Autumn is spider time. The monster house spiders invade our homes and scare us arachnophobes silly. But in the garden, their smaller and far less intimidating brethren hang out on and even in Autumn leaves. The green orb spider didn’t stay long enough for me to get its legs in focus, but I like the shot anyway, for the colour.

This next one, sitting in a hole in a cherry leaf, is probably the smallest spider I have ever photographed.

The last shot is an old one but it fitted the post, so I thought I could get away with repeating it.

We are away on holiday at present so I am not doing a very good job of keeping in touch with everyone’s blogs. I will catch up on our return.

16 thoughts on “Tiny spiders on Autumn leaves

  1. Either our spiders are bigger or else I’m missing the teensy ones. I did catch a shot of a web filled with teeny critters (aphids?) Looked like some spider’s food storage for the rainy days that have finally arrived here. I haven’t posted the shot because I think my visitors would be thinking I’d slipped a cog… 😉

    • Thanks, Helen. The were two of them on this leaf but the other one cheekily kept switching sides every time I tried to photograph it. In the end I have up and concentrated on its sleepier companion.

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  3. I’m a major arachnophobe so am on the constant lookout at this time of year! These ones look a bit less unthreatening that an the huge beast that came out of the log basket in my lounge yesterday. It’s almost enough to make me like spiders – almost!

  4. I guess I would be an arachnophile (if there is such a word). Love those little mis-understood guys. Particularly Mr. Peek-a-boo. Color contrast on leaves is right on.

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