The devil in the dark


Regular readers will know that I have been following the antics of some speckled bush cricket nymphs in my garden.  From cute first hatchling through inquisitive early instar stages to greedy adolescence and approaching adulthood. And what do I get as a reward for bringing them fame and adulation?  Plants with holes!  I counted at least 25 of the devils out there yesterday, nibbling away at my carefully nurtured dahlias.  Have they no gratitude?  The youth of today (sigh)!  So a suitably more sinister image of one of the little monsters today. And now I have a dilemma…

Whoever struggles with monsters might watch that he does not thereby become a monster.  And when you stare into an abyss for a long time, the abyss also stares into you.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil (1886)

11 thoughts on “The devil in the dark

  1. Wow, who would have thought the insect world would lead you into grappling with the big questions? That is a SENSATIONAL shot, by the way. I spent another largely fruitless session with my non-macro yesterday (dragonflies at the creek). I think I’m close to giving in and ordering a new lens to take advantage of summer while it lasts…

  2. Love everything about this post — the image is excellent and dramatic, the title is clever and enticing, and the Nietzsche quote at the end of your comment is like the prize in a cracker jack box. By far the best post I’ve seen tonight! – Rob

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