A new world beckons

A freshly hatched nymph looks out on a new world.

I was pottering around the herb garden looking for some buggy subjects for my ever-hungry macro lens when I thought I saw a greenfly. Closer observation revealed this pretty little speckled bush cricket nymph. Speckled bush cricket (leptophyes punctatissima) nymphs shed their skins six times. Each version is called an instar. I think this tiny nymph is a newly emerged first instar.

The full adult version, as pictured below, can be found in the garden from about late July onwards. I have found the little nymph in the same place every day since I took its picture. I will follow its progress and try to get some more shots as it grows.

For more information on speckled bush crickets and some super shots see this blog.


20 thoughts on “A new world beckons

  1. Love the top shot Rachael, the detail and composition is lovely, They look quite “cute”. I took a shot of one of these last year, I was not sure what it was then, so it is nice to now know 🙂

  2. You must have the eyes of an eagle to have spotted that! Anyway, great composition and focus! You definitely have a good eye when your taking photos!

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