Shooting the City


On the whole, I find photography a solitary activity, and I am happy with that. I very rarely go out shooting in a group. When I do, I usually end up deleting the images I take; I just can’t seem to relax into it.


But a couple of years ago I did enjoy a stroll around the City of London with fellow members of a Flickr group, T189 Oct-Dec 2008. All members of this group, which I administer, took the Open University’s short digital photography course in Oct-Dec 2008.


Although activity in the group has gradually waned over the years, there is still a core of supportive and keen digital shooters and it was a pleasure to meet some of them in person on our City photo walk.


And I didn’t delete every image.


10 thoughts on “Shooting the City

  1. Beautiful photos. Agree with Gracie about the symmetry – great lines and perspective too.

    I’ve always wanted to do a photowalk, but haven’t got round to it yet. The communities on flickr used to be a lot more active than they are now. Now it seems like everyone’s just after comments.

  2. Good stuff, Rachael. I fear I’m turning into a grumpy solitary traveller. Actually I’m pretty sure I’ve been one for about a decade! With picture-taking I’m even worse. I’m much, much better at it when by myself, where I can stop and start at my leisure. Knowing I’m making my company frustrated just makes me edgy. I haven’t tried dedicated photography groups — though I suspect they’re not for me either. It’s a very private, very intimate process for me (if I may be so pretentious).

    • I used to prefer to travel alone. I remember the huge sense of relief Ifelt on one trip, in Australia, when I gave my (perfectly nice) companions the slip (for good). I am a bad person. 🙂

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