By torchlight


When I first started digital photography I spent quite a lot of time playing around with torchlight and reflections in my kitchen worktop. It was a great way to learn about my camera.


Making do with props from around the home was fun. My son’s school lever arch files made handy backdrops. In the next shot, I suspended the leaves from the extractor hood using blu-tack and cotton thread.


I find that using a handheld torch stimulates creativity. In the final shot, the subject is a shell, its ridges illuminated by a torch. I like the way the eye is fooled into not being sure whether the spiral moves away from or towards it.


Do you have any favourite home studio techniques?

14 thoughts on “By torchlight

  1. For handheld macro, I have a really powerful LED torch that I use to shine on the subject. It’s not ideal because sometimes its too bright and will damage your eyes if you are crazy like me. It also has a very cold light, but that is compensated for most of the time.

    These photos are amazing! Good work!

    Kevin Chen

  2. You have so much talent, Rachael! I’m anxious to get some new accessories for my ‘new’ (purchased last autumn) camera, but I think I should probably learn all its features first. πŸ™‚

    • It can be a lot of fun to see what you can do using just ordinary things you have already. I often use desk lamps as well as torches to light still life shots. All you need to remember is to adjust the white balance, either in camera or in raw conversion software.

  3. This is really interesting! I remember playing around with torchlight once before, but the torch just wasn’t bright enough. This has definitely given me some ideas to give it another whirl!

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